About Us

    Mitsources is a B2B website since the start in 2010, has grown into a business leader and provide online services to more than a thousand members. Based on export marketing, we not only have the operation of B2B website, through its leading technology and expertise in international trade, has been in the global business community has achieved international recognition and trust.

    With a global network and brand awareness is high, we are expanding our business areas, to provide great value to the global market, such as more business opportunities, cost savings and convenience. To businesses to show the world a new own large window, we multi-level, multi-faceted publicity and promotion, will be able to expand sales channels for the majority of enterprises, improve product visibility and influence, to increase brand value, improve enterprise earnings.

    COMAN Mitsources B2B commerce website provides your overseas trade market demand  for integrated solutions.
The services we provide:
Global B2B e-commerce market
Global Trade
Internet Marketing - SMM (Social Media Marketing)
SEM (search engine marketing)
SEO (search engine optimization)
International market research
Website development and hosting
Online Exhibition Services
The ground service

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