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    Company Introduction Rebeck Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in the late 1991 in Taiwan to develop, manufacture, and market electrical motors for industrial markets. Since 1997, we have moved to Mainland China taking advantage of rich resources of manpower and satellite suppliers of raw materials and components. We are a manufacturer and exporter of industrial electrical motors supply, including axial fans, centrifugal fans, tangential fans, external rotor fans and motors, hydraulic pump motors, circuit breakers, single phase asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, AC switched reluctance motors, AC and DC contactors, HVAC transformers and capacitors, automotive relays, DC brush and brushl..
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    Company Introduction Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of vehicle and mechanical oil seals since its establishment in 1978. The company's commitment to honest business operation, innovation and progress, and excellent service provi..
    Company Introduction Spro Tech's mold manufacturing has safely passed the Asia Economic Crisis and continuously achieved excellent business milestones. It is their rich experience and expertise from the endless pursuit of perfection that builds up the fine reputation and..

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