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    Company Introduction As the reliance in lighting products in daily life is increasing each day while these are an energy consuming product, the utilization of high-efficiency, long-service-life and energy saving lighting products began to be the mainstream of the market where it will be led into a world of “green lighting”. To be responsive to the developing trend of green lighting, the lighting industry is in a path to revolution, in which new technologies of light sources continue to be introduced, and the electric and electronic techniques have also been adopted in the realm of lighting which is on the threshold of a total electronic era, where fully digital electronic ballasts are dest..
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    Company Profile: Control Optics Taiwan (COT) was established in 1986. We are one of the major manufacturers for optical lenses and components in Taiwan. We mainly produce lenses, prisms, light pipes, filters, integrated lens array (fly's eye lens), glass plates, windows, and mi..
    In 1975, Yung Li Hsing Electric Works Co., Ltd. was established in Jiaren Village, Tantze District, Taichung City and its primary product is electric fan. In 1977, Yung Li Hsing has been concentrated in developing bench grinder, motors, then gradually engaging in producing DIY to..

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