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    Company Introduction Lotro Industries Corp is a multi-faceted Taiwan based organization that offers sourcing, shipping, manufacturing and project management services to clients from all point of the globe. Operating through three business units Lotron, provides: components. Lotron has built up a reputation as one of the most dependable and reliable sources of electronics components and parts in Taiwan. If you are seeking a one stop supplier, Lotron is your logical choice. Finished Goods Lotron’s range of finished products include LCD computer monitors, PDA's, CD + DVD players, digital cameras and security systems. Many of our finished goods are sourced from Lotron invested manufacturer,..
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    Company Introduction Songtak Technology Co., Ltd. was established by a group of aggressive and creative people who are specialists in design, research & development for 10 years more. Our main products include PDA accessories and antenna. As a leading manufacturer, we're de..
    Company Introduction Systems & Technology Corp. is a market leader in the Geographical Information System (GIS), Navigation (Navi) and Automatic Vehicle location (AVL) sectors. In addition to providing advanced positioning products, we integrate GPS, GPRS and GSM wireless c..

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